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Starting a Business?

Are you aware of the following misconceptions?

LLC's do not Prevent other from having Your business name

Even with an LLC other businesses can still provide products and services with your same name.

Owning a domain doesn't guarantee a Trademark

Just because the domain is available, doesn't mean the trademark is available.

Someone else is already using the mark...

Even if this same mark is being used, you may still have a chance at federal registration. Registration is classified by goods, services and International classes. A search is the only way to know if the mark is available.

I searched the USPTO and my mark is available

Availability is determined by more than just the name - sight, sound, meaning and commercial impression are determining factors.

My mark isn't registered, so I can't defend it

Trademark rights actually arise based on use of the mark. We can help you defend a mark that has not yet been registered.

I can DIY without consulting a lawyer

Intellectual property law, which includes trademark law, is highly nuanced. Don’t make a decision that affects your entire brand without consulting an expert.

Why Should you Register Your Mark?

A trademark is the most valuable asset your business owns and yet it is probably the least protected business asset you have. Without  federally registered trademark protection, you face an uphill battle to stop others from stealing your name,  and monatizing off your reputation, name and hard work.

Who we work with

Our trademark services are for small businesses who ready to secure the rights to their name, logo, design or phrase. We also work with clients who have received a cease and desist or Office Action from the USPTO.

I Love To Help People Protect Their Business Though Trademarks, Copyrights And Contract Templates.

Work with us to protect your brand. Choose a date and time to speak to Liza. Receive an email link to your call.  Discuss packages, pricing, and strategy with Liza.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Payment plans are definitely an option.  3 or 6 month plans are the most common, although we have been known to make special arrangements in certain situations.  Reach out and have an open conversation with us if payment plans are needed.

We recommend all new applicants go through our comprehensive search. Trademark infringement is more complicated than two businesses having the same names. It occurs when two names are likely to cause confusion with consumers. Our attorney-conducted search is much more comprehensive and complicated than a laypersons search.

Conducting a search and filing the trademark application doesn’t take very long at all. A search is usually conducted in approximately five days, and the application can be filed in approximately a week after we discuss the results of the search.

The timeline for the entire process can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months.  There are no guarantees your application will be approved, however, Attorney Liza Ann discusses the results of the search explains the level of risk and potential hurdles that you may be facing PRIOR to filing the application. You file a registration only after you are fully educated about the process and level of risk.

A non-substantive office action is a denial by the USPTO that can be resolved. Oftentimes, the USPTO’s is asking for some clarification or additional information.  A response to a non-substantive office action is included in the our flat rate packages.

A substantiative office action is a denial by the USPTO that requires a a more comprehensive answer. If you receive a substantive office action, our office provides you with  options available in order to overcome these obstacles. The response often requires an extra fee.

Trademark  registration filings are based on whether the item is a good or service. To adequately protect your brand, you will want to file an application in every class that’s applicable to your business. During the search we determine how many classes you are applicable for your business. At that time, we discuss in detail and you decide which classes you would like to file.

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