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Drinking and Driving Charges

OUI, OUIL, OWVI, UBAL, OWI, MIP’s or related charges.


If you need representation for an OUI (OUIL, OWVI, UBAL, OWI) or similar charges give our office a call. It is important to learn what your legal rights are and what options you have as you move forward.


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A drunk driving arrest is a traumatic experience. Individuals charged with or convicted of impaired or intoxicated driving are often portrayed as irresponsible and dangerous. The truth is that this can happen to just about anyone. People facing these charges are often law-abiding citizens who simply made a bad mistake.
Our office approaches each client as an individual and not just a case. In some instances, a person who is facing a drinking and driving charge, may be battling underlying issues, such as alcohol or drug addiction. Identify the need and assisting in obtaining the proper treatment is the part of the process as you navigate your way through the legal system.

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Our office takes a limited number of drinking and driving cases

We take great care and choosing the drinking and driving cases are firm takes on. The the reason for this is that recovery, addiction, and mental health issues are causes that are near and dear to our hearts. Our firm chooses to give back to society as best and as often as we can. One way we do this is by offering special provisions to those who are in need. We believe everyone should have access to legal representation.
Liza Ann Esqueda

Teen Drivers

Parents who have received the dreaded phone call informing them their teenager has been arrested on drinking and driving charges know just how stressful such a situation can be. You are likely anxious about your child's future, and uncertain of who to call and what steps to take. Teens perception that they are invincible, combined with high school and college environments can push them into encounters with alcohol or drugs.
There is a widely-held myth that drinking and driving charges against a minor are not all that serious. In reality, a conviction can have far-reaching effects on your child’s future.

As a parent, the goal at this point must be to obtain the most positive outcome—the one with the fewest long-term negative effects.

If your teen son or daughter has been arrested for or charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, take action to limit the damage to their future.

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