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Why Work With Me?

Your Trademark is your most valuable business asset. Keep your name, logo and/or slogan on lockdown by federally registering your name!

Not registering your trademark leaves you vulnerable to being infringed upon.

With registration, you can stop others from using your mark and stealing your benefits. 

Meet Liza

Is Your Brand Protected?

What you would do if someone began stealing your brand identifiers? Without registration, trademark protections are limited under common law and could leave you on the defensive rather than on the offensive when defending your marks. With registration, you put the world on notice that your brand is owned. Additionally, you have the burden of proof on your side.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a trademark, the reality is not having a trademark is leaving you vulnerable to infringement.  Trademark registration is a valuable protection for your business name, logo and slogan.  

Registration is a standard-cost-of-doing business and is truly worth its weight in gold. Trademark registration is an affordable, secure way to protect your livelihood.  


Like you, I am also business owner.  I know exactly what it is like to launch a business with not much more than hope and a dream!  

Launching your dream comes with a HUGE learning curve you may not have expected.  Learning what you need to know about protecting your brand against trademark infringment can seem overwhelming,  But you don’t need to learn it on your own! 

Sharing my knowledge is what I do!  I have grown my practice to focus on giving individualized care and information to other business owners.  

I understand first-hand the in’s and out’s of forming a legal foundation to grow a sustaining business on.

With my unique experience in running my business and having walked this entrepreneurial journey, I offer you a trusted legal expert and partner who will work side-by-side through all stages of your business.

Practicing law, running my own practice and helping others secure their business is my passion.  What’s yours?