Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for an LLC?

By: Esqueda Law PLLC

Occasions When You Should Hire a Lawyer For Your LLC 

Essentially, there is no legal requirement or need to hire a lawyer to form your Limited Liability Company (LLC). This is the great flexibility that comes with an LLC. Most states permit you to set up your LLC on your own, and any need for legal advice can simply be outsourced from agencies that do that sort of thing. Remember that with an LLC, you can combine features of a sole proprietorship with that of a corporation. As a result, you can start your business on your own without the legal baggage that comes with a corporation. However, you might ask yourself, are there times when a lawyer would come in handy in an LLC? And the answer is, “Of course!”  

Here are 3 Occasions when you should hire a lawyer for your LLC:  

  1. Customized Business contracts 

In business, contracts dictate a lot of your actions and act as guidelines for how your business should operate. Some necessary contracts include the Article of Organization and the Operating Agreement. There are many templates for contracts available online or other sources. However, if you need to have a contract tailored to your needs, to maximize the benefits you reap, it is best to hire a professional who can analyze the legal jargon and ensure all necessary clauses are in place. A lawyer can also help reduce your chances of being sued for over-looking some important information. 

  1. Employee Contracts 

As your business grows and you gain more employees with different positions, it becomes important to outline different contracts for different roles. It may be very helpful to have a manual or handbook on company laws to guide your employees. Additionally, there are many things to consider in terms of your workforce. There are state and federal labor laws to consider, paying insurance, protection from lawsuits, and perceived discrimination when hiring. And not forgetting, the safety of the workplace for your employees is your responsibility. When considering all these things, hiring a lawyer might be a wise choice to help manage your employees and the laws which apply to their employment within the state. 

  1. Trademarks and Patents 

Before naming your business, research has to be done to ensure your name is available as a trademark or even as a website domain name. Today, a lawyer is not needed for this to be done. The research can easily be done by another party. However, if there is the chance of getting some new technology patented, or you would like to prevent theft of your research and company secrets, it is best to hire a professional.   

While hiring a lawyer for an LLC is not mandatory, there are perks to it. Take some time to consider if hiring a lawyer for your LLC is the right choice for you. If you are unsure, then you can always speak to a professional to help make your decision. My name is Liza Ann Esqueda and I am here to help. 

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