Why is branding Important?

By Liza Ann Esqueda

Trademark registration is an essential part of your brand strategy. If you are focused on brand your building, having a registered trademark as part of your portfolio is essential. Branding your business takes a great deal of planning, dedication, and most of all — time! Coming up with a color scheme, logo, and design that unifies your business as a brand is a must-do! Additionally, your brand must be recognizable and must communicate to your audience what it stands for, consequently, has to be unique.

When you establish your business brand, a great deal of time is invested in building your reputable and marketing yourself as a credible establishment. By remaining diligent and working hard people will eventually associate your brand with quality and value.

Without a brand name and/or a distinctive brand image, your business will not stand out in the marketplace from others who offer a similar product or service. 

If you are going to invest time and money in establishing your presence in the marketplace, the next logical step should be protecting your brand. Protection of your brand starts with protecting your trademarks, e.g., your logos, designs, taglines, slogans, in some cases trade names, or any other device used to market your products and services in the marketplace. To ensure it is done correctly — the first time — you should hire a competent trademark attorney to assist you in the process.

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