Does my small business need a trademark?

By: Esqueda Law PLLC 

What dictates whether you need a trademark or not is the scale of your business. Does your business have an online presence? Does that online presence across state lines? If the answer is yes, then you likely need a trademark to protect your business name. Having the registered entity in your state does not provide you any protection in any other state, a dozen does not prevent anyone from doing business with the same name that you have. If you plan on doing business in states other than the one that you’re currently registered in you should consider getting a trademark. What is your new treatment that prevents problems such as infringement of another state? The registered trademark was protector companies I Danity when conducting Business online in other states. Here are some of the benefits of having a registered trademark; your trademark can appreciate value over time. That your business gets the bigger an asset your trademark becomes. If and when you decide to sell your business, a trademark Will increase the overall wealth of your company. Registering your mark puts the world on notice. Whether or not a competitor does or do your diligence and searching your name to see if they’re infringing makes no difference. It is assumed that they should have done the research. If they are in French aren’t you there is absolutely no excuse for it. And you will be allowed to sue for monetary damages. Trademarks protect and communicate your company’s brand to your clients and customers. By using specific words and symbols you create unique messages about your brand. Customers will come to associate the symbols with your company. 

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