Self care as an entrepreneur

By Esqueda Law Firm

Being an entrepreneur may seem like the ideal career path – you set your desired schedule, you have the freedom to chose your client-base, and have the freedom to do whatever you choose when you choose. The reality is that being an entrepreneur takes a lot of work and determination. Working for yourself is work. A lot of work. Entrepreneurs know that a workday takes up way more working hours in a day than working for an employer at a standard nine-to-five. When you are working for yourself as a sole proprietor you are responsible for everything that goes on within your business. From accounting to marketing and everything in between, every single task relies on the business owner to thrive. Let’s not forget overseeing all the legal documentation and paperwork that needs to be filed to assure that your business is running effectively and efficiently. Having the freedom to set your work hours, meeting times, and downtime is a definite plus. On the flip side, it’s incredibly stressful to carry the weight of whether the business succeeds or fails based on your decisions. Here are some tips in no order, to helping you be successful while maintaining a healthy mindset:

  1. Create a welcoming workspace. Make sure that is a space that represents you and makes you smile.
  2. Stay organized. A cluttered area equals a cluttered mind. When you are organized it allows you to think clearly and work on achieving your vision.
  3. Work on developing a clear plan of action. Do not overextend yourself in goals that you are trying to reach. Set attainable goals within a realistic timeframe. When you set your goals too high for a short time frame it can become incredibly stressful.
  4. Getting an adequate amount of sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle and can be extremely beneficial to your mindset.
  5. Hire an attorney that can handle the legal side of your business. This will alleviate the stress of trying to figure out the legal side of entrepreneurship yourself and help your business run smoothly.
  6. Do not confine yourself to your workspace. Walk around and get some fresh air.
  7. Just Breath!

Remember Rome was not built in a day. Entrepreneurship can be rewarding, but it takes a huge amount of time and energy. There may be mistakes made, and it is ok because this is what makes you grow as a business owner.

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