What Does A Copyright Protect?

By Liza Ann Esqueda

Along with Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights are part of what is collectively called Intellectual Property.

A copyright registration is a legal form of protection provided to an original work of art or or of authorship. Generally, copyright protects literary works, visual works, sound recordings, architectural works, choreographic and pantomimic works, dramatic works, and musical works. 

Specifically, copyright protects items, such as books, articles, website content, photos, movies, blog posts, cartons, musical compositions, sound recordings, and scripts. 

Make sure you invest in the proper protection for your original works of creativity. What’s not proper protection? Falsely believing in the common law rights, instead of federal copyright registration, will protect your against someone stealing your creations. 

Not all “original” content can be protected. Working with a competent copyright registration attorney, who understands the law can serve you well. They can not only advise you about current law, but they can also ensure you fully understand how copyrights protect your specific business.

Indeed, a competent copyright attorney can provide you with useful copyright information, including how to protect your content prior to having to file a lawsuit.

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